Nestled in the hills of Bedford NH with views stretching over 50 miles, Cloud 9 Farm is the home to a small group of cherished animals.  Some of these animals are learning to be of service - to relate with people in engaging, entertaining and often calming ways.  Most notable on the farm are Leah and Klover, two small Shetland ponies from the unique program, Personal Ponies, Ltd.  The Personal Pony organization is a national nonprofit program that offers ponies to families with children who face cognitive, medical or emotional challenges, free of charge.  At Cloud 9 Farm, it is our mission to take the ponies out in the community or allow people to visit us here on the property.

Cloud 9 Farm

Cloud 9 Farm
Bedford, New Hampshire

Welcome Camp Allen Families!

In my many years of working in the field of disabilities and at Camp Allen,  I have discovered that there is no better healing, no better love, and no better understanding than between an individual and 4 legged friends.  We see this whenever the Personal Ponies come for a visit.   From the moment Leah and Klover arrive till they leave camp, our campers are so excited and happy to spend time with these beautiful ponies!  A visit always brings an added excitement to the campers and counselors at Camp Allen!  A huge thank you to  Leigh Bryant and daughter Katie for bringing Personal Ponies into our lives!

Mary C. Constance, Executive Director
Camp Allen